What chocolate do you use?

We only use Callebaut. It is a luxury Belgian brand specially produced for chocolate fountains.

Are your marshmallows Halal/suitable for Vegetarians?

Yes, both our chocolate and dipping items are Halal and are suitable for Vegetarians.

Must I supply my own dips, skewers and napkins?

No, we provide everything you require.

What will I need to supply?

You just need to ensure that we have access to a plug socket!

Do you have Public Liability Insurance?

Yes we have Public Liability Insurance.

Do you charge extra for petrol?

Everything is included in the price!

How does the chocolate get to the top tier of the chocolate fountain?

Inside the chocolate fountain is a stainless steel corkscrew which rotates and brings the chocolate from the base to the opening at the top of the chocolate fountain, then it overflows backdown to the basin.

What can you dip in the chocolate fountain?

You can use anything edible that will go with chocolate, however, we strongly advise against anything crumbly or that easily slides off skewers for the sake of the consistent flow of the chocolate.

Do chocolate fountains break down and does fruit get stuck in the machine?

We choose our chocolate fountains for their reliability and stability. The chocolate fountain will run smoothly and with our operators on hand, we experience very few problems with our fountains.

What locations do you cover?

Our base location is in Dunscar, Bolton, Lancashire (Search on Google Maps: Bolton BL7) and we operate throughout numerous counties in England.

If your venue location is outside of the locations listed below and you would like our service, then please contact us to check if we can help with your event.

Locations we cover include:

Greater Manchester
West Yorkshire
North Yorkshire
City of London
We really do want our customers to be happy. Staying local ensures that our Callebaut chocolate and dipping items are completely fresh for you to enjoy.